“Offending the Ladies”

Sometimes a painting is just meant to be. Inspired by time spent in Yellowstone National Park last year “Offending the Ladies” was just that for me. I spent much of a hot afternoon in the sun watching a number of cow elk bedded down in the cooler grass on the banks of the Madison river with the herd bull near by. The lowering of the sun is a sign for the bull to round-up the troops and make preparations for the evening, which start with moving everyone to another location. With the gentleness of a drill sergeant, he proceeds to wake up and get moving all the resting cows and calves with a loud bugle, nudge and at times for the stubborn ones a bit of a charge. You can imagine his popularity as the ‘women’ scatter.

So, what tops being in Yellowstone, on the Madison river witnessing firsthand all of this unfold?…All of it happening while the sun is going down creating a glowing golden light on everything it touches. Even as my camera shutter is on overdrive all I can think is “Get me to a canvas!”

“Offending the Ladies” Oil 21×48 will be included in “The Russell” sale to benefit the C.M. Russell Museum at the Best Western Heritage Inn in Great Falls, MT. March 16th.

Offending the Ladies web

“Offending the Ladies” oil on masonite 21×48

“Keeping Pace”

“Keeping Pace” will be included in the “Off the Wall” sale at the “Western Masters Show and Sale” in Great Falls, MT. March 15th.

Oil on masonite 21x48

Oil on masonite 21×48